2015 – 2016 NCAA Rules

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This season the NCAA has created a few rule changes that will significantly alter wrestling action, scoring, and strategy.  A few of the main points from this year’s new rules and interpretations are:

Near Fall

  • No more 3 pt. NF will be awarded
  • Wrestlers who receive a 2 count will be awarded 2 NF points.  Wrestlers who receive a 4 count will be awarded 4 NF points.
  • There is no longer a 5 count


  • Anytime wrestler’s go out of bounds the referee shall make one of the following decisions: 1) call stalling on the wrestler who went out of bounds first, 2) call stalling on the wrestler who pushed his opponent out of bounds without the intention action of scoring, 3) make no stalling call and decide continuous action was the reason for going out of bounds

Interlocking Fingers

  • First instance is called and stalemate and both wrestlers are served a warning
  • On the next occurrence, the offending wrestler will be called for stalling.

Other rules/interpretations included:  questioning the mat official, scoring(breaking) dual meet tie criteria, coaching during injury timeouts, modifying the dropdown stalling rule, and many others.  If interested the link below is a detailed video explaining all of this season’s rules and interpretations.

2015 – 2016 NCAA Rules Video

W&L Wrestling Apparel

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Washington and Lee wrestling apparel is now on sale!  The deadline for ordering is October 9.

Please use this link to purchase apparel for the upcoming season:  https://wlwrestling.itemorder.com/sale

W&L Wrestling Alumni Mapped

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Using data from Washington & Lee University’s Alumni office, we’ve mapped W&L graduates who are also alumni of the wrestling program. In addition to the national distribution show, our alumni live all over the world, including Columbia, Mexico, Great Britain, Russia, and Japan.

W&L Wrestling Alumni

View W&L Wrestling Alumni in a full screen map

W&L Athletics Hall of Fame: Rich Redfoot

Posted: 31st August 2015 by Generals Wrestling in Bonus Points

Rich Redfoot will be entering the Washington and Lee Hall of Fame on Friday September 11, 2015.  A very exciting and privileged time for all families, friends, and the W&L community.

Please feel free to share any comments below.

Richard Redfoot_Final

  1. Win Phillips says:

    Richard arrived at W&L when I was a senior. During that season, we were practice partners, and I knew then he would win a lot of matches. I attribute much of my success my senior season to having someone like Richard pushing me. I hope I helped him as much as he helped me. Thanks Richard and congratulations on this well-deserved honor.

  2. Rolf Piranian says:

    You have to qualify Rich as a unique person. He is not one to show a lot of emotion or excitement; nor is he a man of many words. That’s the way he wrestled too. You step out on the matt with this big guy who you might think is a meek giant. It might be a bit of touch and go, but do not, do not piss this guy off! He is a demon when he decides its time to get going. When he decides to wrestle, he is as good a wrestler as I have seen at W&L in my time around here.

  3. Manoli Loupassi says:

    Rich is a man of few words. He was my wrestling partner my senior year and roommate on away trips. We had a lot of good times and funny moments. He was naturally strong and gifted as a wrestler, and as a senior, he really dedicated himself to success. Once he did that, he was unstoppable. He spoke softly, but carried a big stick. I am so proud of him and the small part I got to play in his success. He was a great wrestler, and is a better person. This recognition is a long time coming and that makes it that much sweeter!

  4. Ray Gross says:

    EPIC congratulations to Rich. I may have seen him wrestle once (I truly do not recall), but to place at Nationals was a goal I had set for myself and didn’t really get close. An incredibly difficult accomplishment which literally puts him in a class by himself.

  5. Rich Robins says:

    Where did Rich wrestle in high school? What did he end up doing with his life?

    St. Chris alum. Manoli Loupassi was one bad MoFo himself, so if he praises Rich like that, it’s noteworthy.

  6. Rich Robins says:

    Apparently here’s the answer to my question, above:


W&L Athletics Hall of Fame: Jim Crytzer

Posted: 24th August 2015 by Generals Wrestling in Bonus Points

Friday, September 11 Washington and Lee Athletics will honor Jim Cryzter and Richard Redfoot as members in the class of 2015.  This is a tremendous honor for the families, friends, and the wrestling program here at W&L.

As a way to remember, congratulate, and share memories we thought we would open  a discussion thread.  Please feel free to share something with  members of the Washington and Lee community.

Jim Crytzer Poster_Finalposter

  1. Rolf Piranian says:

    As modest a guy as you will ever know. A true handful to compete against; indeed you were in for a battle to the very end when you competed with him. We were just teammates one season. I got to know Jimmy more when I returned as a coach. He was your ultimate supporter. He knew how your season went even though he didn’t play soccer or whatever other sport. He was always ready to help in any way. He went out of his way to help me land a key prospect in Knoxville one year by going to a game and speaking with him and his family afterwards. His financial generosity through the Generals Club was huge. The absolute Steelers fan, there was no sports fan as informed or interested as Jimmy. Good friend and great supporter of W&L!

    • Generals Wrestling says:

      Thanks Rolf! I could never figure out how such an awesome person could be a Steelers fan!

      • Ray Gross says:

        Jim found me freshman year and got me onto the mats about 2 days after matriculation. When I beat the previous year’s starter I became Jim’s pre-season partner. I would not be in possession of a Montgomery freshman wrestler award if not for those sessions. After season he approached me about playing IM softball against the fraternities. Being a contrary sort, I said no thanks. Then I played shortstop for his team. Jim was always involved, always ready for workouts or recreational games. One of the few who will be sorely missed by even the most casual of acquaintances.

  2. Ryan Riggs says:

    During my time at Washington & Lee as an assistant coach I became good friends with Jim. He was a great supporter of the athletic teams and W&L.
    He had a passion for wrestling and was exceedingly pleasant to be around! Jim being so humble, I learned about his many accomplishments when I helped with the individual and team records history. He made me proud to be part of the wrestling program.