Meet our Incoming Freshman: Michael Bracey

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Hometown: Delta, PA

High School: Kennard-Dale

Projected Weight Class: 125 lbs

Academic Programs: Mathematics, Computer Science, German

Pre-college Summer Plans: Go to Germany to experience the culture and dialects firsthand.

High School Wrestling Accomplishments: 2x PIAA AAA State Qualifier, 2015 PA Freestyle State Champion, 2x AAU National Champion

Pre-Match Favorite Food: Tuna Salad and Unsweetened Tea

Off-Season Favorite Food: BBQ Wings

Best High School Wrestling Memory: Winning a sectional title in overtime my senior year against a life-long rival.

Reason you chose to attend W&L University: The great academics programs and the family vibe I got from the wrestling team and school as a whole.

Matt Kaminer – Summer Experience

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I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. The last few months have been a pretty busy time for me as I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience while recovering from shoulder surgery in January.

Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve

This past Spring Term, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into W&L’s Washington Term Politics Program. The program brought 16 Generals to Washington DC for six weeks. During the six weeks, Wash Term students complete an internship, an advanced politics class and a lecture series. My major is Journalism and Mass Communications, so I was excited to lock down a Public Policy Communications Intern position at Global Automakers, a trade association/lobby group on K Street. Global Automakers represents the interests of some of the world’s biggest auto manufacturers, including Hyundai, Toyota, Maserati and Nissan. During my time at GA, I got to attend and report on Congressional hearings, research state and federal policy initiatives and work alongside the Communications Team in the creation of a new website.

Meanwhile, I was able to check out some really interesting places through the lecture series, including the Federal Reserve, the Pentagon, a DC Circuit Court and the set of CBS News. During the course, which focused primarily on the state of the 2016 presidential election, we actually convinced our professor to let our class create and perform a 45-minute musical instead of writing a 17-page term paper, so we ended up turning our final paper into a fun performance. I had never been to DC before this program, and it definitely exceeded my expectations in its rich history and culture. On the wrestling front, I was still limited in my practice ability, but I got to work out with the University of Maryland wrestling team a few times during the term as they prepared for University Freestyle Nationals. All in all, I can’t complain about the experience I had in DC and I can’t wait to visit again soon.

When the program finished, I moved back to Long Island, NY for what has been an awesome summer at home. I am now interning in the Legal Bureau of the Nassau County Police Department. I get to work with the attorneys for my hometown police department every day as they provide litigation support to the District Attorney. I have aspirations to go to law school, so it was important for me to gain familiarity with some of the common terminology involved with practicing law.

Legal Bureau of the Nassau County Police Department

Legal Bureau of the Nassau County Police Department

Also, my office is a short walk from the press conference room, which is used when a big criminal is caught. Since I’m so close to the action, whenever there is a big arrest, I’m one of the first to know and I can go watch the conference. Just last week, the biggest counterfeit clothing manufacturer in American history was caught in my area, so I got to go to the conference and see all the clothing that was illegally produced before the public had any access. That’s just one of a number of meaningful experiences I’ve had in the bureau, and I know the rest of the summer will be just as exciting.

The Fourth of July marked 7 months since my surgery, so I’ve devoted a big portion of my summer to getting back to training and also continuing coaching. Last summer I volunteered at Beat The Streets NYC, the biggest wrestling club in the five boroughs. I worked with a number of BTS wrestlers every day in practice and coached them at tournaments. This summer, BTS asked me to come back as a part-time paid assistant for the summer, and I’m looking forward to working with the kids and sharing my passion for the sport. For my training, I started back up with my private coach and I’ve gotten together with a few other college heavyweights a few times a week to get workouts in so I can continue to get better and gear up for a strong comeback junior season. Matt3

Overall, all is good here on Long Island. I’m looking forward to coming back to Lexington for camp August 5-7 and eventually getting back for the new school year! Thanks guys.

-Matt Kaminer

Alex Pollera – W&L’s London Internship Program

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Not much to complain about over here on the other side of the pond. There’s a total of 17 Generals on my trip, and we’re all living in an awesome part of central London, with easy access to virtually anywhere in the city. I work 4 days a week for 5 hours each day and have class on Mondays only. There’s a gym 3 minutes from my front door, and I’m in one of the world’s most historic Pollera6and beautiful cities. As a wrestler, the London Internship Program provided me with the perfect opportunity to study abroad given the full-year nature of my sport, and I already know it’s going to be worth every penny. To any wrestler (or any athlete, for that matter) considering studying abroad but limited by a full year schedule, I encourage you to consider one of W&L’s summer programs.

So far, this trip has provided me with some very valuable experience and knowledge that I believe will be useful not only in my next two years at W&L, but in life after I graduate. The London Internship Program has helped me shape my future career path, given me the confidence to travel virtually anywhere in the world, provided me with applicable internship experience, and allowed me to gain class credit that counts towards my major. Sure, each aspect of this program could have been achieved in one way or another had I spent my summer in the States, but I don’t believe it would have carried the same weight. Being overseas, I appreciate and internalize each of these benefits to a greater degree, and believe they also give me a bit of an advantage as it broadens my scope of the world. Immersing myself in a foreign environment has allowed     me to analyze my passions with deeper clarity.  I’m going to exit this program with a more accurate sense of the direction I want to head with my life after college.

The first 5 days of the London Internship Program was career week. During this time, we traveled to several prominent businesses in a variety of fields, ranging from Blackstone (one of the world’s premier investment banks), to Facebook, to Hearst (one of the world’s largest publishers), among others of equal merit. This not only gave me a first-hand look at what jobs in different industries look like in real life, but also helped me determine what kind of career I want to pursue (and what kind I don’t). Without this week of exploration, I would not have as clear a sense of direction on the path to securing a junior summer internship in the coming months.

Aside from exploring Pollera3careers, free weekends have given me the opportunity to do a different kind of exploring: travel. So far, we’ve ventured into the English countryside to Wells, Bath, and Stonehenge, and we’ve also visited Edinburgh, Scotland. In the coming weeks, I have plans to go to Dublin, Barcelona, and the Netherlands. Being in London affords me with the convenience of getting to anywhere in Europe in mere hours at cheap prices. I’m not sure if I’ll ever have another opportunity like this again, so I’m traveling as much as I can. In the process, I’m quickly learning that no matter where in the world I’m dropped, I can figure it out. This feeling of independent security is a good one, and it’s going to be necessary for life outside of W&L.

The internship component of the program is different for everybody. I’m working at a small real estate firm that specializes in placing international students in affordable, quality housing. Some of my friends work in other industries, ranging from banking, to journalism, to art. It’s definitely a culture shock to see how workplace culture differs in the UK, and I know this experience will be valuable in both interviews this fall and future jobs. Working in a foreign country will definitely give me a slight edge over some of my peers in the U.S.

The class aspect of the program is exactly what I wanted out of a summer course. It’s relatively laid back and not very work-intensive, but still provides students with the opportunity to learn. The class is titled “Contemporary British Politics,” and it bears unique relevance given the current political situation of the UK, where the country has just voted to leave the EU. In a time of political and economic volatility, this class is particularly interesting. The professor is an intelligent and humorous guy as well, and he teaches at King’s college during the year, one of England’s best universities.

So far, so good over here in London. I’m excited to come back to the U.S. in a month with the knowledge I’ve gained from studying abroaPollera2d and apply it to my life at home, but until then, I’m seizing every moment I have to explore. Until next time…


Register Today for the W&L Summer Camp

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Link to PDF File is also available. Online registration closes on July 26, so sign up today:

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Michael Chandler Vision Quest Tribute

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Former University of Missouri wrestler and current Bellator fighter Michael Chandler posted this Vision Quest Tribute in preparation for his upcoming Lightweight Championship fight as the Co-Main event.



Michael Chandler (Missouri) vs. Jordan Leen (Cornell) in their dual had one of the best scrambles in wrestling’s history!