General for a day: Russell Mikenas

Posted: 8th February 2012 by Generals Wrestling in Uncategorized

Our February 4th quad meet included many events outside the actual competition. First, our seniors were honored. Sam Campbell and Dave Dennis are co-captains and leaders of this year’s team. Sam is having the best season of his career and only has 3 DIII losses. Like Sam, Dave, is having a tremendous season and will break the school’s all-time pin record before he leaves W&L.

The football team provided a large crowd to cheer on our team, but also members of their own team. Working with the coaches and players we set up 3 contested matches among the football team. NCAA sanctioned officials scored the bouts which included one period with a two minute running clock. The entertainment was awesome!

Lastly, several W&L sports teams have partnered with the local Special Olympics chapter to host a “General for a day”. At 7:45 AM I picked Russell Mikenas (center in photo) up at his house. From the start we found much in common. Russell attended middle school in Findlay, Ohio. On two separate occasions I have lived within 20 minutes of Findlay and my hometown is only a short distance away. Then he mentioned he wrestled in junior high! This was amazing. After a quick donut stop for my daughter Nala and Russell we arrived at the teams pre-weigh in practice. There was a hop in his step and bouncing in his toes. Russell was in his glory.  Russell shouted instructions as he helped guide the team through practice. At the end Coach Riggs presented Russell with a Generals wrestling t-shirt. All day Russell shouted words of encouragement from the team bench. It was a great day of wrestling and competition. On the drive home Russell and I critiqued the day’s events. The emotion in his voice as he described the day’s experience helps put things into perspective. I know Russell will not be missing any future events as we officially changed his title to an “Everyday General”!

  1. Val Mikenas says:

    Hi!! I just had to write to let you know how meaningful your article is to me!! I’m the “everyday general’s” Mom!! I sooooo know what you are talking about when you describe the hop in his step and bounce in his toes. AWESOME!! and just wanted to let you know what a fun & well written article you wrote!! Thank you!!!!

  2. Joel Foltz says:

    Way to go Russ, we are so proud of you. You have always been our “Everyday General”. We love you- Foltz Family of Kansas

  3. MIchael Momany says:

    Great stuff General Russ! Your mom shared the article with me and I printed it off to show Deb. Congrats on your honor! How exciting.

    Michael and Deb Momany (neighbors)
    Mariah and Abbie (da dogs….)

  4. It was truly great to have Russell at our event. Again, I picked him up this past Saturday for our last home match of the season. It was really neat having him on the sidelines shout instructions and cheer the team on. Everyone enjoyed his company. He will definitely be attending all matches next season.

  5. Parker McComas says:

    Russell is a true winner through and through. Gayle and I are both so proud of your being named a General. No one could be more deserving.