Why Wrestlers Make the Best Employees

Posted: 14th August 2012 by Generals Wrestling in Bonus Points

Steve Cooper shares his thoughts on “Why wrestlers make the best employees.” This article is great for the sport of wrestling! Please feel free to leave a comment below with your own story of how the sport of wrestling has impacted your life.


  1. One of my favorite comments left by a reader was posted by Ryan D.

    Ryan D. 1 week ago
    I remember competing in tournaments when the Sanderson brothers were dominating the Utah high school scene. Those guys were truly impressive to watch. The rest of the Wasatch high team wasn’t bad either.

    Although I never competed at an elite level, my participation in wrestling came up during my service selection interviews. I attended the Naval Academy and majored in mechanical engineering. November of my 1st class year, I had to interview with Naval Reactors to determine if I would be allowed to go into the submarine force. After two technical interviews, I met with Admiral Bowman. (all prospective nuclear power officers meet with the head of NAVSEA O-8). The Admiral said “your grades are OK…what I did in high school?” I told him I was on the wrestling team. The Admiral then said “Do you think you can takedown the CDR standing behind you…Leave your jacket on the chair”. As I got up and started taking off my jacket, he threw me out of his office. I found out on the way out of the building that I had been selected for nuclear power. I’m still undecided regarding what was tougher…naval nuclear power or wrestling.