In the 2012-2013 season coaches will have the opportunity to request a video challenge for any call made, with the exception of a fall, during the match. In the past video reviews were only allowed at the NCAA championships and they were limited to non-subject issues such as timing and correcting the score. Allowing coaches to challenge an official’s judgment is a major shift for wrestling. The continuous action that takes place in wrestling requires split second decisions that can now be looked at in further detail. Is this good/bad for the sport of wrestling. Speaking with members of the Rules Oversight Panel there are already some interesting questions being debated without any matches wrestled this season. What are your thoughts on this topic? Below is a link to the official proposal and its details. Please share any comments you have below.

Mat-side Review Experimental Rule Proposal

  1. win phillips says:

    Had this been available in 1983-84, Tim Valliere may have been forced to abandon the tight waist, a ride he swore was used to turn his opponents.

    • Ray Gross says:

      Seems to me that another official would be needed due to the reluctance of the on-mat official to change a call. Still, I’m for it. Yo, Win: Tim’s tight waist and my ‘overhook the elbow and reach for a knee’ TAKEDOWN ATTEMPT would most assuredly be validated with scrutiny by any number of capable officials. Go Generals!

    • Tim Valliere says:

      Tight waist + chop arm = instant back points from tilt. As Ray comments, completely valid. Though, perhaps during the movie replay, they could serve you some cheese with that whine! Forget video replay, wish I had some plain old video of my old matches.

  2. Generals Wrestling says:

    Did you see the Yankees vs. Tigers game last night? Wow! I think that’s a case where even the umpire wishes he could have second look at that. A wrestling match that comes to mind was between Ohio State’s Nick Heflin and Michigan’s Justin Zeerip. Below is the link, what are your thoughts?