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Reading Room: A Problem from Hell

Posted: 28th September 2012 by Generals Wrestling in Reading Room, Uncategorized

“Nothing less than a masterwork of contemporary journalism…An angry, brilliant, fiercely useful, absolutely essential book.”  – The New Republic In “A Problem from Hell” America in the Age of Genocide Samantha Power examines many of the major genocides of the twentieth century, from the Armenian genocide in Turkey at the beginning of the century to […]

Reading Room: The Art of Learning

Posted: 13th December 2011 by Generals Wrestling in Reading Room

The Art of Learning is a book by Josh Waitzkin, the kid from Searching for Bobby Fischer. He talks about his struggles dealing with the competition and publicity he faced as an elite chess player, why he ended up quitting the game and how he applied the lessons from that experience to become a world […]

“Here is a story that is at once a page-turner and a powerful stimulus to thought.” John Rowe Townsend, Auther of The Islanders Wicked is the book that is the basis for the well-known Broadway musical of the same name.  While this book elaborates on L. Frank Baum’s world of Oz, creating a fantastical realm […]

Reading Room: The War of Art

Posted: 17th November 2011 by Generals Wrestling in Reading Room, Uncategorized

“A vital gem… a kick in the ass.” – Esquire Steven Pressfield is better known for being the author of The Legend Of Bagger Vance.  This book was given to me by an old girlfriend to help me overcome some writer’s block I was having with my music career.  Pressfield both inspires and attacks his […]

Reading Room: Soccernomics

Posted: 11th November 2011 by Generals Wrestling in Reading Room, Uncategorized

Soccernomics by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski attempts to apply the science of stats to the world’s most popular sport: association football. Soccer is incredibly hard to judge on stats alone, however. It’s easy to see what goes into the creation of a run, but what makes a goal? A defense-splitting pass from a midfielder […]