Way of the Peaceful Warrior began my own journey as a
writer and teacher. I’ve been blessed by thousands of letters I’ve received over the years. When I wrote it, I had no idea that so many people, young and
old, from different walks of life, would find my story so inspiring. Over the years I’ve asked myself why. I believe it’s because my story also touched upon
universal themes-our common quest for meaning and purpose and direction. Somehow it reminds readers of what they had always known but forgotten — the
bigger picture and essential perfection of our lives unfolding.”

Dan Millman

I came across this book my sophomore year of college when it was passed down
from several elite wrestlers. When I started reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior it was difficult to put down. I never imagined rediscovering life’s larger meaning and purpose in just three days. The words stick with me today. I continued the tradition by passing this book down to my college teammate, Tim Scarl.

Ryan Riggs, Assistant Wrestling Coach: Washington and Lee University