Generals Winning Circle

“Shining the Spotlight on Alumni and Generals”

Name:  Win Phillips

Hometown: Westminster, MD

Degree: BA Journalism

Graduating class of: 1986

Weight Class: 167

Honors/Achievements: 1986 Regional Champion and NCAA Qualifier, Two time W&L Invitational Champion

Highlight of wrestling career at Washington and Lee?  Winning Regional Championship in 1986.

What do you miss most about wrestling at W&L?
Putting on a rubber suit and driving up North Mountain in a heated car with Tim
White, biting chunks out of my tongue in practice during my senior year, and
hearing stories about Brian Lifsted and John Lowe helping themselves to Larry
Anker’s food.

What effect has wrestling had in your career path?
I’ve been teaching high school for over twenty years now, and I got into it by
first coaching the Portland High School wrestling team.  I coached for over ten years.

Favorite class and/or Professor at W&L?

Professors Robert DeMaria, Edwin Craun and
Severn Duvall

What is the one thing you think people have to
experience during their time at W&L?

Living off campus and getting to know the locals.

Advice to prospective student athletes interested in

Visit the place and then climb House Mountain.  You’ll see that you’ll spend four years at one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Please feel free to include any special thanks,
comments, or thoughts!

Thanks to Coach Franke and Coach Pirinian, and thanks to
Richard Redfoot for making me work my senior year.