“There are very few coaches who have positively impacted the game of basketball and the people who coach it as Don Meyer has done. His passion for the game, for teaching and for building character as well as his commitment to team are legendary. Coach Meyer has taught and given so much to us, and our game is better for it. This book chronicles not only his life as a coach, but his journey as a man through triumph and adversity. His story is a true inspiration and one which everyone should know.” -Pat Summitt, Coach of the Tennesee Lady Vols

The greatest ingredient in this informative look at Coach Meyer, who has over 900 wins at the Division II level, is the fact that it becomes more than just about basketball. Coach Meyer first came into my coaching career during a basketball clinic in 1997. Not knowing who he was, I am certainly glad that I stayed to listen to him. He spoke about basketball X’s and O’s, but more importantly he spoke about being a positive influence that many athletes come to need in their life. As I read this book, flashbacks of the clinic I attended almost two decades ago were vindicated throughout the chapters.

Coach Meyer was in a car accident during a recruiting trip and it was during his time at the hospital that the doctors discovered cancer ravaging his body. These unfortunate circumstances forced Coach Meyer to take time, and appreciate how much he has meant to so many people, so many lives he was able to touch in a lifetime of coaching, of teaching lessons that went far beyond basketball.

Being a current college basketball coach, it reinforced the ideals that I want to influence on my players, on and off the court.  Coach Meyer talks about the F words: faith, family and friends. The relationships that he built with his players and the principles that
he ingrained in them during his time with them is a testament to the influence that we, as coaches, have on so many people.

Dan Hartsel, Assistant Basketball Coach: Heidelberg University