Generals Winning Circle

“Shining the Spotlight on Alumni and Generals”

Name: Peter Lawrence         

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Degree: Mathematics, Economics

Graduating class of: 2008

Weight Class: 149

Honors/Achievements: Academic All-American (2008), Generals
single season and career takedown record holder, 3rd place in
Centennial Conference (2008), 2008 Carlton-Peebles Memorial Award Winner

Highlight of wrestling career at Washington and Lee?

Beating Ursinus and Muhlenberg on the same day. We broke
Ursinus’ 27 -match unbeaten streak in the conference and tied for 2nd
in the conference dual-meet season that year.

What do you miss most about wrestling at W&L?

The camaraderie and the competition. My best friends are still
the guys from the W & L wrestling team (and I am still dating an
ex-manager). I had a great time at W & L. I also miss the rush of athletic
competition and the inspiration that chasing athletic goals every day gave me.

What effect has wrestling had in your career path?

The mental toughness and perseverance I learned from wrestling
has been critical to getting the job I want in the toughest hiring environment in
generations. Getting a job in investment management in the middle of the
financial crisis was not easy, but the ability to keep working hard when things
are tough was a differentiator for me. I got an MBA from Columbia Business
School with Dean’s Honors and now have a great job in investment management at Thesis Fund Management.

Favorite class and/or Professor at W&L?

The Williams Investment Society wasn’t a class, but it was my
favorite academic experience at W & L. We invested $2 M of the University’s
endowment. The hands-on opportunity to manage money was engaging and fun and was a great learning experience. Ultimately, it served as a launching pad for my current career.

My favorite professors were Beckley, Crowley, Goldsmith and
Hooks. I had great academic experiences with all of them but also found them
incredibly accessible and likable on personal level.

What is the one thing you think people have to experience during
their time at W&L?

It depends on who you are, but I would recommend everyone at W
& L go to a few parties and enjoy the social life.

Advice to prospective student athletes interested in W&L?

I felt that the academic and athletic experiences at W & L
were terrific but what really separated W & L from other schools for me was
the ability to have a vibrant social life and build great friendships on top of
great academic and athletic experiences.

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Ultimately, the best endorsement of my experience at W & L
is that both of my younger siblings made W & L their first college choice.
My little brother graduated from W & L in 2010 and I am excited to return
to Lexington for my little sister’s graduation this May.