Generals march towards Centennial championships

Posted: 23rd February 2012 by Generals Wrestling in Uncategorized

The Washington & Lee wrestling team prepares for the Centennial Conference championships this weekend hosted at Gettysburg College. For results and live web streaming of the championships please click on the link below.


  1. Jay Clarke says:

    I watched the Apprentice match. What fun. From the time I wrestled in the late ’60s, rule changes have produced much more action. Beyond this, the Generals are aggressive from all positions–and generally pretty smart about it. Several have become very adept at various cradles. And it’s especially fun to watch Colin Duffy throw good ones in from almost any position.

    Anyway, good luck at the conference tournament.

    And special thanks to Bill West for his kind words.

    Jay Clarke ’69

  2. Jay Clarke says:

    As old as I am, you’d think I’d learn to proof read–it’s Conor Duffey, of course. My apologies.