Generals Winning Circle

“Rallying the Generals”

Name: Rob Terrin

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Russian Area Studies

Graduating class of: 2009

Weight Class: 141, 141, 174, 165

Honors/Achievements: 2009 Team Captain, 2009 W&L Invitational Champion

Highlight of wrestling career at Washington and Lee?

The great friendships I forged and the mentorship I received from the coaches.

What do you miss most about wrestling at W&L?

I miss the competition and team camaraderie most. Endless hours in the wrestling room, riding the bus late at night coming back from a win on the road exhausted and eager to have fun, and pulling together as a team cheering each other on during matches and tournaments will always be special memories for me.

What effect has wrestling had on your career path?

While I haven’t made many direct connections through wrestling in my career I have taken the spirit of individual drive and initiative within a team framework with me to the business world which has served me better than any other skill.

Favorite class and/or Professor at W&L?

Game Theory – Professor Guse, Comparative Politics – Professor Dickovick, Any number of Russian language classes – Professor Brodsky.

What is the one thing you think people have to experience during their time at W&L?

Kicking back outside with good friends.

Advice to prospective student athletes interested in W&L?

You cannot find a better combination of academic rigor, athletic opportunity, and social amusement at any other university. Get ready to have your days packed with intellectually demanding classes and physical challenges, but don’t forget to give yourself time to make some great friends and enjoy your nights!