On Sunday the Generals faced a Division I opponent in George Mason University. The dual’s final score was 31-9. While we lost 7 matches there were plenty of positives that we were able to take away. First, with only one senior in the line-up and two juniors our team is very young. Despite a young roster they eagerly train and embrace the challenge of competing with great teams. In each match every person wrestled the entire seven minutes, staying aggressive and looking to score points. The team saw exciting wins from Tyler Kaelin, Zac Richey, and Zan Reed. However, we were very close to winning many more matches. It was an exciting dual for both teams. We need to continue learning from both the wins and losses as we continue the rest of the season. Also, it was nice to see so many W&L Wrestling shirts being worn in the gym! This didn’t go unnoticed as one of the opposing coaches commented that our team travels well!!!

Our scheduling philosophy emphasizes the need to face high quality opponents that will prepare us to reach our goals at season’s end. We constantly remind our team the training, dedication, and sacrifice made by them, as individuals, will put them in a position to succeed in life, the classroom, and in competition. At this point in the season we are extremely proud as we have members of the team in leadership positions on campus and academically we are on pace for a remarkable team G.P.A. In regards to competition, we have competed in three events including wrestlers from DI, DII, and DIII. These high level tournaments have an elevated level of intensity. As a result, the team has raised their focus, training, and intensity during practice and competitions. We strongly believe these circumstances in combination with a disciplined lifestyle bring out the best wrestling in our team.

Right now the team is home for Thanksgiving break and will return to compete in the Ohio Northern Invitational on December 1. We feel it’s important to take a small break to spend time with family and give back to wrestling by attending workouts at their high schools. I know all high school coaches appreciate college wrestlers showing up in their room.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!