Centennial Duals Wrap-Up

The Washington and Lee Generals had a very successful dual meet season, beating Merchant Marine (23-15), Muhlenberg (27-12), Ursinus (22-20), and McDaniel (28-19), while suffering defeats to Gettysburg (19-18 on criteria), Johns Hopkins (13-25), and Stevens (13-26). The Generals finish the season with a 9-5 overall season dual meet record. Full recaps here.


The Generals host the conference tournament for the first time since 2004. Wrestling will begin at 10 am on Saturday 2/10 in Warner Gymnasium. 

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Video: https://portal.stretchinternet.com/wandl/


Tournament Preview

TEAMS (Conference Dual Record)
#17 Stevens Institute of Technology (7-0)
Johns Hopkins (5-2)
Gettysburg (5-2)
Washington and Lee (4-3)
Merchant Marine (4-3)
Muhlenberg (2-5)
Ursinus (1-6)
McDaniel (0-7)

The Generals enter the Centennial Conference tournament with high goals, looking for their first conference champion since 2014 when Ron Tassoni ’16 won the 174 lb weight class. W&L has had 5 conference finalists over the last two years, and is looking to break through in a big way in the home gym! The Generals will have up to 6 wrestlers seeded in the top 4: Zach Bylykbashi (141), Bryce Crew (149), Shane Conners (157), Brandon Lefore (174), Rexx Hallyburton (184), and Matt Kaminer (285). Ethan Hartman (125), Matt Muller (133), Alec Horne (165), and Zach England (197) will also look to fight for team points. It looks to be a very close team race, with Stevens Institute the heavy favorite, but W&L, Gettysburg, Johns Hopkins, and Merchant Marine all battling to close the gap and pull off the upset.

Individuals (conference record, national ranking)
Top four wrestlers listed in order of their likely seeds. Remaining 4 wrestlers not listed in order.HM – Honorable Mention


Chris Tan, Ursinus (7-0, HM)
Joey Borai, Stevens (6-1, HM)
Christian Vallis, Johns Hopkins (5-2)
Lenny Ogozalek, Gettysburg (4-3)
Ethan Hartman (Washington and Lee), Jace Garza (Merchant Marine), Jake Reid (McDaniel), Cliff Cornell (Muhlenberg)


Troy Stanich, Stevens (7-0, #1)
HM Rick Cavallo, Johns Hopkins (5-2, HM)
Austin Sherman, Muhlenberg (5-2)
Tyler Craig, Merchant Marine (4-2)
Matt Muller (Washington and Lee), , Ray Calderaio (Ursinus), Louie Carusillo (Gettysburg), Nick Malinowski (McDaniel)


Bret Kaliner, Stevens (5-0, #4)
Zach Bylykbashi, Washington and Lee (6-1, HM)
Sean Thompson, Gettysburg (5-2)
Lucas Escobar, Johns Hopkins (3-4)
Daniel May (Merchant Marine), Jahmally Willie (McDaniel), Josh Hickey (Muhlenberg), Matt Wilde (Ursinus)


Dylan Van Sickle, Stevens (6-0)
Colin Devlin, Gettysburg (6-1)
Bryce Crew, Washington and Lee (5-2)
Connor Joyce, Johns Hopkins (4-3)
Donte McCarthy (Ursinus), Ben Peck (Muhlenberg), Scott Miser (McDaniel), Charles Franchima (Merchant Marine)


Zach Wilhelm, Stevens (7-0, #5)
Shane Conners, Washington and Lee (5-1)
HM Kieran Duggan, Merchant Marine (5-2)
HM Dominick Reyes, Johns Hopkins (5-2)
Cole Nagel (McDaniel), Jake Bracken (Gettysburg), Michael Dougan (Muhlenberg), Jake Folk (Ursinus)


Colin Kowalski, Gettysburg (7-0, HM)
Thomas Poklikuha, Stevens (3-0, HM)
Dylan Schwartz, Muhlenberg (4-1)
Nathan Wertheimer, Johns Hopkins (3-4)
Alec Horne (Washington and Lee), Zachary Goranson (Ursinus), Wade Bishop (McDanie), Erik Beshada (Merchant Marine)


Josh Glantzman, Merchant Marine (7-0, HM)
Brandon Lefore, Washington and Lee (6-1)
Josh Smith, Stevens (4-2)
Austin Roskos, Gettysburg (3-2)
Ronald Mattox (McDaniel), Jimmy Fratantoni (Muhlenberg), Anthony Cutrufello (Ursinus), Miles Gilliam (Johns Hopkins)


Isaac Morales, Johns Hopkins (7-0, HM)
Rexx Hallyburton, Washington and Lee (3-0)
Ben Maack, Ursinus (5-2)
Kurtis Hahn, Merchant Marine (4-2)
Bruce Parola (Stevens), Crawford Oswald (Gettysburg), Mike Cannon (Muhlenberg), Ronnie Wuest (McDaniel)


Blake Bunce, Merchant Marine (7-0, HM)
Gennaro Cerminara, Muhlenberg (6-1)
Anthony Puca, Gettysburg (3-2)
Deon Edmond, Ursinus (3-3)
Zach England (Washington and Lee), Colin Myles (Stevens), Jake Pooton (McDaniel), Karl Tayeb (Johns Hopkins)


Paul Triandafilou, Getttysburg (6-1, HM)
Matt Kaminer, Washington and Lee (6-1)
Victor Raigoza, Merchant Marine (3-2, HM)
Brandan Woody, McDaniel (4-3)
Billy McGinley (Ursinus), Herni Behaeghel (Johns Hopkins), Scott Schaeffer (Muhlenberg), Joe Moreno (Stevens)