Thank you to all of the Generals Club donors who support our W&L Wrestling program!

Each year the money raised through the Generals Club directly benefits each member of the wrestling team. In the past we have used these to purchase pull up bars for the wrestling room, expand our recruiting efforts, and numerous other program enhancements. Looking ahead we are planning to purchase additional weight/exercise equipment to be used while inside Dorems Gymnasium and take with us when we transition into our new wrestling room. Our vision is to create an environment were members of the team can perform all of the necessary training without needing to leave this space. This training environment will have an enormous impact on our program.

Currently, as the reconstruction of the Warner Center takes place, our team is practicing inside the historic Doremus Gymnasium for the next two seasons. Upon completion, we will move into the new Athletic Center with a much larger wrestling space. Each of these spaces provides a large area of non-wrestling mat space for us to utilize. So far, we have already purchased cardio bikes, weighted bumper plates, push sleds, etc. Our goal is to eventually purchase a weight platform for Olympic style lifts and a few additional weights/bumpers. In this environment, wrestlers will have quick access to their lifts pre/post practice, coaches can apply in-practice circuit training, and wrestlers recovering from injury can stay in the room with their teammates to train. Additionally, when perspective student-athletes visit W&L they can visualize themselves having all the resources necessary to reach their maximum potential!

Below are a few photos from last week’s first team meeting. These offer a sneak peak of the “Doremus Wrestling Room”. We will continue to post updates, photos, and videos throughout the upcoming season. You can also view many of the team’s happenings on our social media accounts (Twitter @generalswrestle, Instagram @generalswrestle).

Again, thank you for the continued support and generosity!

Go Generals!